It was used by Sir Winston Churchill to teach a fellow MP to drive, com1923 Rolls Royce Silver ghostmandeered as a recovery truck during the World War II and as the car of choice for John Steed in the 1960s hit TV show The Avengers.

Now, after rusting in an old garage for nearly 40 years, the stunning 1923 Silver Ghost Rolls Royce has been restored to its former glory and would sell for anything up to £250,000.

During a varied and colourful career the magnificent vintage motor was said to have been used by the former British Prime Minister to teach Lady Astor, Britain’s first woman MP, to drive on his Kent estate.  

It then had its rear end removed and a mini crane mounted on the chassis for towing away other vehicles during a stint with the auxiliary ambulance and fire service in Manchester.

Bought in the early 1950s for £200 by the grandfather of Tania Turner of Sussex. Following a restoration costing over £2000 the car was identified in the 1960s as the ideal ‘runaround’ for TV English gentleman and crime buster John Steed. It appeared in 18 episodes before being locked away in a Sussex garage, eventually being left to Mrs Turner and her husband Andy.

In the garage it remained and deteriorated until early in 2011 when they called in classic car expert Charlie Tope from Devon to help them get it back to its best.

He said: 'It's been a wonderful project but when I took it on I don't think I realised how big a task it would be. She may be a car designed for only a couple of passengers but at 16ft long and 7ft wide she is more like a small lorry.'

At around £250,000 she may be a bit steep for your pocket but at there are a vast range of souvenirs and mementoes of the great man for you to enjoy, from busts or paintings to books and audio recordings of his greatest speeches. Pay us a visit.