Award-winning producer Graham King has joined forces with scriptwriter Robert Spitfire 1940Towne to work on a new Battle of Britain movie. Together they hope to take a fresh and ambitious look at this defining moment in the history of our nation and World War II.

In June 1940 Sir Winston Churchill declared 'the battle of France is over, the Battle of Britain is about to begin'. With these words he prepared the people of these islands for the Nazi air assault that was intended to crush the last bastion of resistance in Europe.

Graham King has personal reasons for taking a special interest in this period, since his own father lived through the battle and often regaled his son with tales of the bravery of the British and allied pilots who kept the Luftwaffe at bay. 'My father lived in London and watched this spectacular dogfight over the city, so bringing this story of endurance and triumph to the big screen means a great deal to me,' the producer said.

'I am also extremely excited to be joining forces with the iconic Robert Towne who is a master of mixing complex characters and tremendously compelling plots. Robert has a passion for history and a shared love of this particular story,' King added.

King follows in a long line of producers who have told this tale in a wide variety of motion picture genres, from the outstanding 1969 epic Battle of Britain starring Laurence Olivier, Michael Caine and Christopher Plummer through to Disney's 2002 Peter Pan sequel Return to Never Land.  

But if anyone has the pedigree to make a success of this project then King and Towne, both Oscar winners, certainly do. King won Best Picture for his The Departed, while Robert Towne walked away with his Academy Award for hisChinatown original screenplay.

There is no formal timescale for the project as yet but look out for this tale of planes, pluck and derring do in a couple of years from now. That is surely a winning combination.

Why not remind yourself of some of the greatest speeches of the 20th century that were so inspirational in the fight against Nazi oppression. You can have your own copy of Sir Winston’s words by going to where you will find them in book form, or available in audio on CDs so that you can hear the great man himself.